September – November

3D printing

So I got back to 3d printing in September and decided to get back to modelism with the desktop Fusion 360, although I’ve been dis recommend to use it for CAD, but I plan to use it for PCB creation.

The end goal was to equip my desk and help fix the inefficiencies in me setup at low cost, with my new 3d printer, the Dremel 3d45.

House automation

Recently I started to do some small house renovation where I live.
I ended up starting to mock up a ~~now quite heavy~~ house automation project, it interconnects with my work on Switch thanks to AI/CUDA and other embedded devices.

Human presence detetcor wired to an ESP32-S3 with Cam/Mic from XIAO (face detection at low costs enabled hourray

Nintendo Switch

Been preparing the release of L4S Fedora 39 as F37 is hitting standard support this month 12/23.

Sneak peak at Fedora 39 KDE closed RC1

Recently resumed Ubuntu Touch port on the Switch, we’ll see how it goes.

Also ended up back porting Mariko DT support to my Mainline fork as well as updating it to v6.6.

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