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Concrete jungle


Back to Paris for work opportunities, family and friends. Been enjoying to do some light carpentry work, thanks to my friend @jean.potonais04

Hotel de Ville – Paris IV
Canal saint Martin – Paris X


Back to my domotic and electronic project(s)

I’ve been tinkering with relays before moving back here and I’ll use one alongside an esp32 chip to control a lamp + set of leds strip.

The trigger is going to rely on the presence detector I showed in my previous post, upon entrance and AI body detection, a counter is incremented and decremented which will keep track of the entrance in the room.

I decided to gift myself a Sovol SV06, I was lurking at their “KlipperScreen” but figured I could use my switch running Linux to get the same result.

My poor JGAurora A5 which I bought 2y ago got it’s thermistor broke due to bad cable management on my end. I’ll fix it and sell it.

I took the Sovol SV06 due to it’s high compatibility with Klipper.

And that all will go well with the ChromaPrint set I took for my birthday (backed a month ago)

Impatient to get back at AM (additive manufacturing) more seriously.


Still preparing the release of Fedora 39 on switch. With the help of @Graph’it

We’re resuming a, now old, UI project called MithraUI I plan to use QT6 as a base and possibly ship it for the Fedora 39 release.

Alongside the previously mentioned KlipperScreen software I plan to setup my switch with Octoprint. looks like an interesting add-on I could have in that setup.

I am impatient to unveil all the changes I’ve made to the L4S (Linux4Switch) project. Happy to also say that we have 2 new promising members who are helping us, LuRenJias and TechFlash, very happy to have new team members by our side.

Recently took some interest in NFC in order to clone my badge (MiFare classic 1k ISO-14443-3A) on my phone and emulate it, little success so far.

Next on the list has been to resume my work on Ubuntu Touch port for the Z Fold 3 and trying to debug RILd which just falls appart.

Looking forward to setup LLama on my switch for some AI assistance in my daily tasks.

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