Tale of the Nintendo Switch hacking scene

Preamble First and foremost I’d like to mention that this article isn’t aimed at the technically inclined but rather for all the curious out there. Throughout the 4 years of being part of the Switchroot development crew I’ve been faced, IRL and online, with a lot of lack of understanding towards my and also all […]

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Concrete jungle

Life Back to Paris for work opportunities, family and friends. Been enjoying to do some light carpentry work, thanks to my friend @jean.potonais04 Electronic Back to my domotic and electronic project(s) I’ve been tinkering with relays before moving back here and I’ll use one alongside an esp32 chip to control a lamp + set of […]


September – November

3D printing So I got back to 3d printing in September and decided to get back to modelism with the desktop Fusion 360, although I’ve been dis recommend to use it for CAD, but I plan to use it for PCB creation. The end goal was to equip my desk and help fix the inefficiencies […]

Anime reviews

Anime review: The eminance in shadow

Hey, it’s been a while since I last posted on my personal blog/website.I decided to take a new direction and express myself more about the things I like to listen, do, watch and possibly more. So today I am here to share with you my opinion about The Eminence in Shadow. Almost spoiler-free Summary Our […]


Crap, I accidentaly deleted ibdata1..

0. Preamble Administrating multiple wordpress/websites can be cumbersome at times. While wordpress is pretty complete and provides a lot of features via its plugin system, it can get messy pretty quickly. One of the main concerns about website administration is the database. There are, at least, two important rules for any serious web admin: My […]

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Porting Ubuntu Touch on the Z Fold 3

Porting ubuntu touch on the Z Fold 3


ChromiumOS on Switch part. 1

Porting ChromiumOS on the Switch